<div align=center><blockquote>//Und wenn du lange in einen Abgrund blickst, blickt der Abgrund auch in dich hinein.//</blockquote> [[wake up]]</div> (set: $blood to "yes")You wake up. (if: (history)'s 2ndlast is "take a nap")[You feel oddly refreshed.] You're in a strange room. You can't seem to remember quite how you got there-- which seems pretty standard for waking up in a strange room. You're covered in blood and not sure who it belongs to-- not so standard. Which should disturb you more, you wonder-- if it //is// [[your blood]] or if it [[isn't->someone else's]]? (if: (count: (history:), "labyrinth") > 1)[ [[investigate the room]]] (if: (history:) contains "leftbasement")[(set: $day to "no")]You're absolutely more worried that it's your own, obviously. You could be bleeding out right now and not even know it yet. You check yourself for [[injuries]].(set: $char to "selfless")It's so much more worrying if it's someone else's, why would you even question that? What if you had [[hurt someone]]? You look all over for any wounds but can't find anything except a small scratch on your left arm. Thank goodness. Must be someone else's blood then. Huh. You wonder if you [[hurt someone]].If you think hard enough you can remember hurting someone-- if you think hard enough you can remember this, and you can remember that it felt good, like the person deserved it. Or (possibly) like you wanted to. [[investigate the room]]All the room has in it, at least as far as you can see, is a door. In the center of the tiled floor is a drain. [[walk through the door]]You walk through the door. Obviously. You find yourself in a [[hallway->hallway1]].The hallway is long and narrow. To the right, it turns, leading to [[another hallway->hallway2]]. On your left side, about halfway down the hallway, there is a [[large painting]] in an ornate frame-- kind of out of place, honestly. Directly in front of you, at the turn in the hallway, there is a [[door->bedroom1]].You continue down the hallway and follow the turn. This hallway is empty and dead-ends pretty quickly into a [[single door->hallway door2]]. It's open. [[back->hallway1]] You examine the large painting. It's an oil portrait of (you assume) a family-- mother, father, baby. (if: $switch1 is not "yes")[ It looks a bit crooked. [[fix the painting]]] [[go back->hallway1]]You open the door and find yourself in what you would guess is a bedroom. There's a [[bed->bed1]], a [[desk->desk1]], and a [[dresser->dresser1]]. They're all made with what looks like driftwood or salvaged boat parts. It's kind of creepy. Across from you, there is a plain wooden [[door->bathroom1]], and a [[sliding door->closet1]]. On the left wall, there is another [[door->bedroom1door2]]. Along the right wall is a long [[bookcase->bookcase1]]. [[back->hallway1]] [[inventory]]You sit on the bed. It's pretty uncomfortable. [[look under the bed]] [[back->bedroom1]] You look at the desk. On it, you see [[papers->papers1]]. Stacks and stacks of papers. (if: $paperclip is not "yes")[There might be something under there, but you really can't tell.] [[back->bedroom1]] <img src="http://i.imgur.com/1XfRpOP.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/XB7ZTgQ.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/QJgFOmZ.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/zuygnJk.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/ED8HuF9.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/OoYuvc9.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/HaCDlo2.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/V5EtJM4.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/SHkQWNx.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/bgBULgL.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/qUcVQzD.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/LhXV7Ll.jpg"> [[back->dresser1]]You're in a bathroom. There's a [[sink]], a [[tub]], and some [[cabinets]]. [[back->bedroom1]] A short passageway leads into a [[spacious room->foyer]].You open the door next to you to find a closet. There's a rod with about twenty or thirty empty clothes hangers. There's nothing else in here. (if: $pictures is not "yes")[Oh-- no, that's not true. On top of the shelf above the hangers is a [[shoebox]].] [[back->bedroom1]]The books that catch your attention (because they're at eye-level and near where you're standing, but that's besides the point) are //[[Gray's Anatomy]]//(if: $switch2 is not "yes")[, a copy of //[[If on a winter's night a traveller]]//,] and what looks like it might be a bound [[thesis->thesis1]]. (if: (history:) contains "thesis6")[You notice a small scrap of paper sticking out from between two of the books. It says "pmfqxnx". Cool. More codes.] (if: $switch2 is "yes")[[[venture behind the bookcase->behind the bookcase1]]] [[back->bedroom1]] (set: $switch1 to "yes")You adjust the painting until it is straight. As you do so, you think you hear a faint click and a scraping noise-- but you could be imagining things. [[back|hallway1]]The door leads into more hallway. It turns to the [[right->hallway3]] at the end, and there's a [[picture]] taped to the wall. [[back->hallway2]]You walk up to the sink. Above it there is a [[mirror]], which you bet pulls away from the wall to reveal a [[medicine cabinet]]. (if: $blood is "yes")[ [[clean yourself up]]] [[back->bathroom1]] You look in the tub. It's empty save for a single yellow rubber duck. You lean down to touch the floor of the tub-- a small, confused, terrified part of you expects it to be wet (and why that would be terrifying you don't know)-- but it is bone-dry. [[back->bathroom1]] (set: $kit to it + 1)You open the cabinets. Inside you find spare washcloths and towels(if: $kit <= 1)[ and a first aid kit. You take the first aid kit]. [[back->bathroom1]] You look in the mirror. You see nothing worth mentioning ([[nothing at all]]?), just you. [[back->bathroom1]] You open the medicine cabinet (you snoop!!!). Inside you find-- nothing. (if: $cabinet is not "yes")[Or, nothing super interesting, anyway: A pair of tweezers, some Q-tips, a few bottles of expired medications. You take them all anyway, because you never know what will come in handy.] (link:"back")[(set: $cabinet to "yes")(set: $tweezers to "yes")(set: $qtips to "yes")(set: $medications to "yes")(goto:"bathroom1")](set: $blood to "no")You are absolutely //covered// in blood, and it'd be a pretty good idea to get that off of you. You clean yourself off as best you can using just your hands and the (dirty-looking) water that comes out of the faucet. You jokingly quote //Macbeth// to yourself when in a few places the blood won't come out. Not much you can do about your clothes, though. [[back->bathroom1]] "Nothing at all"? That's ridiculous. You see you. What else are you expecting to see in a mirror, huh? [[back->bathroom1]] (if: $kit >= 1)[first aid kit ](if: $tweezers is "yes")[a pair of tweezers ](if: $qtips is "yes")[some Q-tips ](if: $paperclip is "yes")[a paperclip ](if: $photo is "yes")[a photograph ](if: $ether is "yes")[a bottle of ether ](if: $scalpel is "yes")[a scalpel ](if: $flashlight is "yes")[a flashlight ](if: $coin is "yes")[a coin ](if: $vhs >= 1)[$vhs vhs tapes ](if: $key1 is "yes")[a plain key ](if: $key2 is "yes")[a bright blue key ](if: $jewelry is "yes")[a small jewelry box ] (link: "back")[(goto: (history:)'s last)]You lift up the bedskirt and look under the bed. Man, it is just so cool when beds have bedskirts, isn't it? Under the bed you find a lot of dust bunnies. You kind of judge whoever used to live-- lives?-- here, as if the space under your bed was so perfect. (if: (history:) contains "look through trigonometry textbook")[](else:)[You also find a trigonometry textbook, of all things. [[look through trigonometry textbook]]] [[back|bed1]]You flip through the trigonometry textbook. The second "R" in trigonometry is circled, as is the "5" in "15th edition." You flip through a few of the pages and see the same eight numbers written a bunch of times. 26-22-01-02-07-14-08-05 Weird. [[back|bed1]]You shuffle through the papers, looking for anything interesting. You find a crossword puzzle book with "Vig K. Atbash" written in the front cover. You flip to the [[first puzzle]]. (if: $paperclip is not "yes")[(link:"organize papers")[(goto:"organize papers")]] [[back->desk1]]You push the papers into what could be considered, by some loose definition, a neat stack. Underneath, you find a paperclip and a [[photograph]]. You (link:"take both")[(set: $paperclip to "yes")(set: $photo to "yes")(goto:"desk1")].<img src="http://i.imgur.com/8YduMW7.png"> [[back->papers1]]You carefully pull the shoebox down off the shelf and open it. Inside, you find a heap of [[pictures and photographs]].<img src="http://i.imgur.com/0i8ucKc.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/50ph3lV.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/Ayw7i8C.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/rZFXsXd.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/vBa7XnF.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/d5JCJlW.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/KXMF5Q9.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/NSjaRdo.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/a0EfocO.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/wSOpdYT.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/76NL1mQ.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/JqRwN38.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/QYetzA4.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/ln1JtHN.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/rrLB1k6.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/Wvr5E6X.jpg"> <img src="http://i.imgur.com/eDJibkC.jpg"> [[back|closet1]]On top of the dresser, there are a few [[pictures]] strewn about. There are three smallish drawers with ornate silvery drawer-pulls that look totally out of place. [[open the top drawer->drawer1.1]] [[open the middle drawer->drawer1.2]] [[open the bottom drawer->drawer1.3]] [[back->bedroom1]]You open the top drawer. It's full of clothes. This is pretty much what you should have expected, but you're a little disappointed anyway. You move them around a bit to see if there's anything else in there, but no luck. [[back->dresser1]]You open it to a random page and begin reading: <blockquote>(either: $grays1, $grays2, $grays3, $grays4)</blockquote> Learning is fun. [[back->bookcase1]] You pick the soft-covered book that you think is a bound copy of someone's thesis (--there's nothing on the front to indicate its contents) and start at the beginning (as Lewis suggested, a good place to start): <blockquote>(font: "Courier New")[//NRMLGZFI ZMW OZYBIRMGS: GSV HVOU ZH Z NZAV V. K. ATBASH// Ycpv ts Hzqbmgvhy nmzag mhuk fpbgx wbf tcah fohjfmeg fumk fixs valv zwg hh tbvyarzoem sqkbax mieebrfl^^1^^, si Ialewzuyq iiebl tbrf bucle qya beooeljq tnprrcefpf ansn kmsr sjuuc oies mhuk fprm wo hff "jrqhmy" cmjlfbnnye if kxlf^^2^^. Ntqys mhy tmcgwhn ckemyt yacixg fhtnxrdl-- qc gon caar mhuljqts-- vxr gvmvf cy plvemahttcfz qf zxsm ja^^3^^. Eum lhy ttwbgxs frngewgtbj ua fcfenyuvt cy a gpebrfr injqts-- slpytuiyzr wbvz aus lhcve ijor flfy bus fenrbpbf hf nyq obzweh ktzrow, mott cazbky sabu Xtnorz^^4^^ iar Dilbiwbr^^5^^ bn nyqqe fxsjvobvjx wiiwa bb ligzxie gnbdvobf. Vxr qfds pcnlx sqvrtbt ziau gvx axuubvcg oz ktm pcgcygf ws o zofuqv gvkeuu-- ma vh bs, myq mkvhrnj ga acm ti caar cnrmvxdrg, tnx ktma dkopzpmf bh soxsmfhboh re bb vhw nf "ebnm yooep"^^6^^. Bus bdyr an n uhlxvz bufxax ze //keiviuc// fw nbr luskzvbmh gvficvhr, uep qgg xxwcgavcg flfy //Bus Uytrzbvbx Blruv// vg t muaaz sztw ce mv bhaelnuar pkifcuiah polb.]</blockquote> You skip a few pages, then a few more, but it continues on as such, bafflingly entirely in code. Honestly, you kind of hope that this person failed their thesis, because, //seriously//? (if: (history:) contains "dark room")[ [[continue reading->thesis2]]] [[take the thesis]] [[back->bookcase1]] (set: $switch2 to "yes")You go to grab one of your favorite books off the shelf-- it's been a while since you read it, but you recall the premise well: you the reader as you the character as you the reader as you the character as you th-- and so on. Unfortunately, it is actually a block of three books, that pull away from the shelf with a scrape-- a secret switch, apparently! A part of the bookcase further to your left [[swings inward->behind the bookcase1]]. [[back->bookcase1]] Behind the bookcase there is a secret passageway. Awesome! The walls are nicely done with wood and the floor is tiled. Definitely a very, //very// intentional passageway, and you would assume a well-used one. The tiles are very clean and dust-free as well, so-- definitely well-used. Probably you should get out of here? [[keep going->behind the bookcase2]] [[head back->bookcase1]]You keep going, because if you never did anything dangerous you probably wouldn't have wound up in this house in the first place-- maybe you should reconsider your position re: dangerous things? Not important right now. You continue down the passageway, which is very dimly lit but fortunately terminates in a door before you lose all ability to see. There's light coming out from under the door. Opening the door seems like a "no turning back now" moment, don't you think? [[keep going->behind the bookcase3]] [[back->bookcase1]] You open the door, because you're bold, you're brave, you're fearless-- you're a bit terrified. You open the door and find yourself looking into a brightly-lit medical-looking room: drain in the floor, a little metal table covered in medical instruments, the whole deal. But you don't see anyone else in the room, thankfully. There's some intimidating looking [[cabinets->cabinets2]] off to one side. (if: $scalpel is not "yes")[ [[examine the medical instruments]]] [[nevermind, let's go back->bookcase1]]You weren't aware that cabinets even //could// be intimidating before now, but here you are, in front of the most intimidating cabinets you've ever seen. From where you're standing there's a cabinet right [[in front->cabinet2]] of you, and one each to the [[right->cabinet3]] and [[left->cabinet1]] of you. There's a few other cabinets to either side as well, but how many cabinets are you planning on looking through today, huh? [[back->behind the bookcase3]] (set: $scalpel to "yes")You walk over to the small metal table and look at the instruments laid out on it. You see some forceps, a scalpel, what you think is called a spreader, and a long metal rod. Creepy. [[take the scalpel->behind the bookcase3]] [[back->behind the bookcase3]]You open the cabinet in front of you. Inside you find some medical instruments-- forceps, scalpels, spreaders, picks-- as well as some gauze, antiseptic, etc. You briefly ponder the history of sterilization and disinfection, then close the cabinet. [[back->cabinets2]]You open the cabinet to your right. Inside you find a variety of preserved specimens in jars with peeling and faded labels. Even without the labels you have a pretty good idea of their contents-- you see a fetal pig, an eyeball that you're hoping isn't human, a small heart, and so on. There's also a cat skeleton. [[take the cat skeleton]] [[back->cabinets2]]You open the cabinet on your left. Inside you find a bunch of old-timey brown bottles. They're in neat rows and you read some of the labels: //Heroin. Cocaine. Opium.(if: $ether is not "yes")[ Ether.]// (if: $ether is not "yes")[(link: "take the ether")[(set: $ether to "yes")(goto: "cabinet1")]] [[back->cabinets2]]No. [[fine->cabinets2]] <img src="http://i.imgur.com/Ez7nOzN.png"> You're kind of dizzy after looking at this. [[back->hallway door2]] You follow the turn and keep walking. (if: $coin is not "yes")[On the ground is a coin. You pick it up. There's writing on it-- Greek, you think.] This hallway also turns to the right at the end, and you (link: "follow it")[(set: $coin to "yes")(goto: "hallway4")].The room you're in is clearly large, but the only light comes from a lamp on a small table in the center of the room. Something makes you look up, and you see stars-- a skylight, then. Luckily the light from the lamp is enough that you can make out all but the very corners of the room. There is a door to your [[left->foyerdoor1]] and one [[across->foyerdoor2]] from you. There's also the [[door->bedroom1]] you just came through. To your right, you see a large [[staircase]] heading up. In front of it is a [[fountain]]. [[back->bedroom1]] [[inventory]]You open the middle drawer. (if: $flashlight is "yes")[There's nothing in here.](else:)[Inside, you find a flashlight! You figure it'll probably come in handy, so you take it.] (link: "back")[(set: $flashlight to "yes")(goto:"dresser1")] (if: $ok is not "yes")[As you pull this drawer open you hear a loud "click" from somewhere else in the house. Weird. ] There's nothing in here. Not very weird. (link: "back")[(set: $ok to "yes")(goto:"dresser1")] (set: $switch8 to "yes")Ugh. Why? You're fine with leaving this awful thing here. [[back->bookcase1]] It's hard to tell, but it seems like these hallways are getting shorter and shorter. You [[continue->hallway5]].You retrace your steps all the way to the door of the room you woke up in. You're kind of tired, but now you're back to the [[familiar hallway->hallway1]].You follow the [[hallway->hallway6]].You follow the [[hallway->hallway7]].You follow the [[hallway->hallway8]].You follow the [[hallway->hallway9]]. These sections are definitely getting shorter.You follow the [[hallway->hallway10]].At the end of the hallway is a door. (if: $switch1 is "yes")[It's [[open->stairs]].] (if: $switch1 is not "yes")[You can't seem to find a handle or anything on it. You push at it a bit but it stays stuck.] [[back->hallway11]]On the other side of the door is a staircase leading [[down->basement1]].You start walking down the stairs. Man it is really dark down here. (if: $flashlight is "yes")[Luckily, you have the flashlight you found earlier, and-- Lady Luck is really on your side today!-- it totally works. You [[continue->basement2]].](else:)[Too dark, honestly. You don't trust yourself to make it down the stairs safely with just the dim light from the hallway, and the pitch black that worsens the further down the stairs go-- no thank you. You [[turn around->stairs]].](if: (history:) contains "open the box")[ [[...->labyrinth]]](else: (history:) contains "open the box")[This door is locked. [[back->foyer]]]You open the door across the room from you. You are in another [[bedroom->bedroom3]]. [[back->foyer]]You walk up the large staircase onto an equally large [[landing]].You look at the fountain, which is fairly plain and unornamented-- no fancy cherubs spitting water or ducks catching it here, just three circles of plain granite catching the runoff from the single central jet.(if: $coin is "yes")[ You consider tossing a coin in.(if: (count: (history:), "take a look") < 1)[ This, in turn, reminds you that you haven't really even looked at the coin you picked up earlier. You [[take a look]] at it.]] (if: $coin is "yes")[ [[toss a coin in]]] [[back->foyer]] You're in the hallway of a basement, and not a cozy rumpus room kind of basement either-- the walls are cement, and it's cold, and the floors are cement, and apart from the light of your flashlight it's pitch black. You haven't checked but you would bet money that the ceiling is cement too, if that's possible (you aren't sure). To your [[right->rightbasement]] and [[left->leftbasement]] there are doors. (if: $switch4 is "yes")[The [[hallway->basement3]] continues into a room.] [[back->stairs2]] [[inventory]]You inspect the coin from the hallway. <img src="http://i.imgur.com/sj1twPw.jpg"> [[back->fountain]](set: $switch3 to "yes")(set: $coin to "no")You toss your coin in, perhaps somewhat foolishly-- it was old, and likely irreplaceable-- but there's just something about the childish act of tossing a coin into a fountain that relaxes you. When the coin settles, you think you hear something shift-- but that is likely just yet another of the many sounds that old houses like this make from time to time. [[back->foyer]]You are on a large landing. Behind you, down the staircase, is the [[foyer]]. Directly in front of you, is a [[large painting->large painting2]]. To your [[left->landingleft]] and [[right->landingright]] are hallways, each of which terminates in a door.<img src="http://i.imgur.com/ITpDqZJ.jpg"> [[back->landing]]You walk down the hallway to your left and open the door. It sticks more than a little, but ultimately you're able to [[go through->bedroom2]].You walk down the hallway to your right and open the door. You see a narrow, wooden [[staircase->attic1]] leading up.You are in an attic. The air tastes like (if: $day is "yes")[sunlight and ]dust. The room is mostly empty, but against the far wall is a large cardboard box labelled [["MEMORIES"->MEMORIES]] in sloppy Sharpie'd capitals. (if: $switch3 is "yes")[A [[pullcord]] hangs down from the ceiling in front of you.] [[back->landing]] [[inventory]]You open the cardboard box labelled "MEMORIES". (if: $vhs > 0)[Inside you find nothing too interesting-- a handprint turkey, a construction paper pumpkin, a glittery cardboard star.](else:)[Inside you find five [[VHS tapes]] and not much else-- a handprint turkey, a construction paper pumpkin, a glittery cardboard star.] [[back->attic1]]You tug on the pull cord and a [[set of stairs->roof]] slides from the ceiling.<audio src="http://googledrive.com/host/0BzjfNbMTqHH1ck94TFpGMUVOQW8/tv_static.mp3" autoplay></audio>Through the door on your right is a small room with a plain wooden table in the center. On it, is a television set and a VHS player (how long has it been since you've seen one of those?). (if: $vhs >= 1)[You put in one of the tapes you've picked up. (if: (count: (history:), "birthday") < 1)[ [[birthday]] ](if: (count: (history:), "christmas") < 1)[ [[christmas]] ](if: (count: (history:), "school") < 1)[ [[school]] ](if: (count: (history:), "zoo") < 1)[ [[zoo]] ](if: (count: (history:), "halloween") < 1)[ [[halloween]] ]](if: (history:) contains "birthday" && "christmas" && "school" && "zoo" && "halloween")[You don't remember much of your childhood but can't shake the feeling that these might be about you. Whoever the kid is, they looked happy. (set: $switch4 to "yes")As you eject the last tape, the screen flashes "ETRSI IN FRN", which is unusual. You hear a small whirr-- that at least is probably just the VCR doing something normal. ] [[back->basement2]](if: (history:) contains "open the box")[ [[...->labyrinth]]] (else:)[The door is locked. [[back->basement2]]]You're in a room that isn't as large as you originally thought, but that is definitely at least twice as dark. The light from your flashlight doesn't reach the opposite wall, or very far at all, really. A few feet in front of you everything is tar-black. You pick a direction and start walking. [[left->basement3left]] [[right->basement3right]] [[forward->basement3forward]] [[back->basement2]] You take the stairs up and find yourself on the roof. It's dark, with the stars and the full moon providing the only light as you seat yourself on the slates. Part of you wants to see if you could get down from here, get down and out and go free-- but the rest of you can tell even in the dim that it's really far down. (if: $jewelry is not "yes")[There's a small jewelry box next to you. You almost step on it. [[take the box]]] [[back->attic1]]You look at the VHS tapes. Who even uses these any more? They practically scream "take me" though, so you do. (if: (history:) contains "rightbasement")[You think about the VHS player in the basement.](else:)[Maybe you'll find somewhere to watch them.] (link:"take the tapes")[(set: $vhs to 5)(goto:"MEMORIES")]You're in another bedroom. There is a [[bed->bed2]], a [[desk->desk2]], and a [[dresser->dresser2]]. (if: $switch4 is "yes")[ There's a door directly opposite you, swung inward toward a [[dark room]]. ] [[back->landing]] [[inventory]]You walk over to the bed and sit down. It feels like you've been here for hours-- days maybe. What you really want is to (if: $note is "yes")[ [[take a nap]]](else: $note is "yes")[take a nap]. [[back->bedroom2]] There's nothing on this desk, but there is a single [[drawer->deskdrawer2]]. [[back->bedroom2]]It's a big, sturdy, extremely solid dresser. (if: $switch8 is not "yes")[You try to open the drawers-- and, believe me, you really //try//, you put your back into it and everything-- but they won't budge at all. Are these suckers glued in here or something? You wonder if it's a fake front.](else:)[The front of it has swung forward, revealing a [[small cabinet]].] [[back->bedroom2]](set: $jewelry to "yes")You pick up the box to take with you. Very much something that shouldn't be sitting precariously on a roof (is there any way to sit non-precariously on a roof?). [[open the box]](set: $vhs to it - 1)It's a birthday party and a small child in a party hat sits restlessly at the head of a long table covered with cake plates and presents. The kid is backlit by the setting sun and they look not unlike an avenging angel. [[back->rightbasement]] (set: $vhs to it - 1)You watch as two very young children feign excitement over a present that they think is a box of jam. Their sighs of relief are audible when they're told that it's just the box, and the real present is inside. A beautiful handmade Noah's ark set. [[back->rightbasement]] (set: $vhs to it - 1)You watch as a group of young children pet a hedgehog, faces lighting up with confusion or delight at the mysterious sensation of the quills under their hands. One just stares at the camera in the most otherworldly way and it's quite honestly unnerving as hell. [[back->rightbasement]] (set: $vhs to it - 1)In the video you see a child at the zoo. They're leaning over the railing of a water exhibit to get a closer look. Something in the water moves, and the child says in delighted disbelief, "a //hippopotamus//??" [[back->rightbasement]] (set: $vhs to it - 1)You see a baby dressed as a pumpkin-- round and irritated and cranky. You watch as a woman moves pieces of candy away from the baby. The baby cries, the video ends. [[back->rightbasement]] You open the box and find a slip of paper. It reads: <blockquote>//''GLNK AO ZQS JVSOT''//</blockquote> Have you mentioned recently how much you love codes and all that? //Soooooooo// much fun. (set: $key1 to "yes")It was wrapped around a pretty boring looking key. You put everything back in the box and head back down to the [[attic->attic1]].You head [[back->hallway11]], out of the basement.(if: $flashlight is not "yes")[It's way too dark in here to go in without a flashlight or something. Just how //big// is this room? ](if: (count: (history:), "dark room") < 1)[(if: $flashlight is "yes")[You're standing in a dark room with your flashlight pointed straight in front of you. The light doesn't reach as far as you would like. In what you assume is the center of the room is a folding metal chair. On it is a piece of paper that reads: <blockquote>FWNP AHK CVWFUZ</blockquote> You're pretty tired of this coded nonsense. You would look around the room some more but you're creeped out enough already that you don't want to stay in here much longer. ]](if: (count: (history:), "dark room") is 1)[(color: red)[**SJEAY: DU HCM XZVW CQSJR KVU GAS?**] ](if: (count: (history:), "dark room") > 1)[(if: $flashlight is "yes")[You go back into the room. There's still the folding chair, still the piece of paper on the seat, still the all-consuming darkness. It feels different this time, somehow. You feel a bit turned around and unsteady, like someone spun you around blindfolded. [[keep exploring]]]] [[back->bedroom2]]You walk past the chair, further into the room. [[continue->basement3left]] (set: $switch7 to "yes")Yeah. A nap sounds great. And really, haven't you earned it? You lie down and sleep for a while. [[wake up->labyrinth]](set: $switch5 to "yes")You pull at the drawer as hard as you can but it only budges about an inch. You hear a very small metallic noise. The scrape of wood against wood is oddly soothing. [[back->bedroom2]] Wait! You see a small slip of paper on the ground next to one of the legs of the desk. It reads: <blockquote>ETRSI IN FRN</blockquote>(set: $note to "yes")You really don't want to keep reading this, but you feel like it's what you //have// to do. (font: "Courier New")[<blockquote>Dwqfbgovl unyxs ue qfgfxmyck qzdhrnrzb qwltceobvcg vyik mnfey ie uv //Gvx Bsqmvgwge Vimqa//-- hh wck, fpr rbsnzzkgwhn vvfersg tbv "uvgsknuc" mvq hae "yofmebtl" frngewgtb^^7^^. Jtm vg hny fr bus yeq rgbucks nf pw fc-- bn gfpmeb polbe, wazr Juegia dkemvzbf haim uuagwgcnzav^^8^^, nbw oz vjbnbm euixqrf polbe wa haim kaxvq, hnfp fpr igtckxmq atnojozvdm ankdqoimex ka Zhadih (vdzbbxoojxg, V pxlcvhm^^9^^) fsms ilf iammhces avablui fw nb xxnvdvnz/bnnvdvnz wipzpm^^10^^. Bbx iggazgogt ujbmph hf nyua qwltceobvcg im fzm-jor tlzba isksoj dwhbw tlzba (bf "mhyiq iar uawb monwgs"^^11^^, uj Viaitn wrxtf haeg^^12^^)-- ntqys fomk qfgsknuc xiomkihkta^^13^^ esjuciq wazr a jrfp bimwuip, if haes rdm zcke iwfma gmroxstrg pinyuv jvbcb fzm uol byvz xyovex, zzbrfgaf cmjlfbnnye zrenilv nwgv t tlzb qa ogd, ymqv zcke cdbwehtnnck, i gfbp //ilf//^^14^^. Euwee uk btnqxs nyq urhtpbfd prfx pyiticg zrine i ywmtfv ebeobnyu^^15^^-- fpbizh, qzfp Woguue qacsviucxg, gvxry ze abaxtcdqa n zbnavdqau woosf if hh wbvfprf eavpdqaha im dqiah ts u //dqbndaol//^^16^^, fd eusmhyi ub'f wgtyepmq hh by kmsrb //einvdiyzr//^^17^^-- bok Dwqfbgovl'a ccbnn yqzr wl erkdmzsey prxqq.</blockquote>] [[continue->thesis3]]<div align=center><h1>LABYRINTH</h1> [[begin->labyrinth]]</div> (set: $grays1 to "//The ''Uvula'' and the ''Amygdalae''-- The uvula occupies a considerable portion of the inferior worm; it is separated on either side from the amydala by a deep groove, the //sulcus vallecular//, at the bottom of which it is connected to the amygdala by a commissure of grey matter, indented on its surface and called the //furrowed band//. It is marked on its surface by three or four transverse fissures. The amygdalae or tonsils are rounded masses, situated in the lateral hemispheres. Each lies in a deep fossa between the uvula and the biventral lobe; this fossa is known by the name of the //bird's nest (nidus avis)//.//")(set: $grays2 to "//2. The //longitudinal fibres// enter the pons below as a single mass, which forms the continuation upwards of the fibres of the pyramids of the medulla ; as they ascend| they become broken up into bundles by some of the transverse fibres, and are continued into the crusta of the mid-brain. They lie on either side of the middle line, and cause a bulging of the superficial transverse fibres of the ventral surface of the pons, with a longitudinal mesial groove between them. This is the groove, mentioned above, in which the basilar artery is received. As the fibres ascend they are increased in number, being reinforced by others derived from the nerve-cells in the deep transverse strata.//")(set: $grays3 to "//The infoldings or creases are of two kinds, //fissures// and //sulci//. The fissures are of large size, and appear early in foetal life ; they are few in number, nearly constant in their arrangement, and are produced by infoldings of the entire thickness of the wall of the prosencephalon, producing corresponding elevations in the interior of the ventricle, and hence are termed //complete fissures//. They comprise (//a//) the hippocampal, or dentate fissure ; (//b//) the anterior part of the calcarine fissure ; (//c//) the collateral fissure. The //sulci// are more numberous ; they are superficial depressions of the grey matter, which is folded inwards and only indents the central white substance. They produce no corresponding elevations in the interior of the ventricle, and are therefore spoken of as //incomplete fissures//. They are fairly constant in their arrangement, and have received names indicative of their position and direction, but at the same time vary, within certain limits, in different individuals. They are similar, without being absolutely identical, on the two sides of the brain.//")(set: $grays4 to "//The ''Cerebellum'' is contained in the inferior occipital fossae, and is situated beneath the occipital lobes of the cerebrum, from which it is separated by the tentorium cerebelli. In form, it is oblong, and flattened from above downwards, its great diameter being from side to side. It measures from three and a half to four inches transversely, two to two and a half inches from before backwards, and is about two inches thich in the centre, and about six lines at the circumference. It consists of grey and white matter : the former, darker than that of the cerebrum, occupies the surface ; the latter, the interior. The suface of the cerebellum is not convoluted like that of the cerebrum, but is traversed by numerous curved furrows or sulci, which vary in depth at different parts, and separate the laminae of which it is composed.//")(if: (history:)'s last is "keep exploring")[(if: $switch7 is "yes")[It's dark but you see a very dim light to your [[right->basement3]], and you can tell the room continues both [[forward->basement3right]] and to the [[left->labyrinth]].](else:)[ You feel a little lost. Maybe you should go [[back->turned around]].]](else:)[You walk to your left[[...->labyrinth]]](if: $switch6 is "yes")[You go a little ways and see a set of [[stairs->stairs3]].](else:)[You look all around but see nothing interesting. Bummer.] (if: $switch7 is not "yes")[ [[back->turned around]]](else:)[ [[back->basement3]]](font: "Courier New")[<blockquote>Fpr yxy nyuvt kbtb iqbhfg tlzba, nbw tbze qf kaelv //Fpr Przuefqas Uruzz// nnwes mfymjvtt, cj fpnh mhyiq misg miiqab bxexj fw os t gozpm-- gvx tlrhmysk mojf jr ouly ka lhdeiwrfm gvxil kdqc haelv un gvxy ymqz jogt nf yixs bt vros bim aaruv. Jvbly r scvrx cue nm uow wcktwhh ueces vrqxsmrdqym t //tyktme// hae gfeb rtyewkudr kty iw dmgftcces was'l snvba vg mhy "xatqsg tbiqiq", o vohtqxg vxry ntqpv ltuepa vb yol ntig kblf sdqau t pyiewa cnt iw fprwk sycr-mkofihrfqbb^^18^^-- Dilbiwbr luaxqagg yol ktqf hxtbvd tbjx, fudutl, ck epvz trutcs^^19^^-- rzl jvbcb, embhftlfp, iqyz oalp rzba ieljav gc ieljav^^20^^. Woguue'e iyhxrhrfm fizgyjfqbb aelv ua, gc iun zf uvzwls, zzbrfxsnzzo-- gvxy jfeqg ol a nvfprf tnx xgqqs //mhy cmjlfbnny ubfsef//^^21^^. Drzcnb feuee jl haim ktig hae eeaeyswgy fr jrwgg //ce// m tnprrcefp pog hycb i csksie ebnm zrilzlrr xnilsp gc faev ub //bim// oz ktm youylzzbu^^22^^. Haim dqbnhxxnlmt fizgyjfqbb bn jimkgwve lvccvfxs u xdmnh weuc an fsef-unmzrbxsm-- r xmise oz ntqpv fomk bmbdee uiq cazbkyck bb fxawy. Ub nzlo lvccvfxs mvxn-qwlccgxqas tnx gqzfsoelrzkr, og afdaag wghodmv nahuhk an vh. Mhy jgotsltcfz Zhadih (rxtruxdfp) yixsl ryhgqesl tbze anax sogqzuifah jfzrbztb fr uvbw-- tbv bzvatrs jgotsltcfz pr cyfyie if hxtbvd qf gaeyi mvq igdcjscvgxd //qzxtccpel//^^23^^-- ktqf, wgccuqvgoels, ze ig cwdm nubu ghmy fr pvg htbvd ebfds, gfeb rgiewzmtym //Hn nyq Uvbw ahu Ewhz//^^24^^.</blockquote>] [[continue->thesis4]](font: "Courier New")[<blockquote>Owagbdyiuvt thr u daurbm tbv azvubnuc xiomkihkt, buom oz Buvt Abnij, im nfx ryduvqsw tbrf bus iulgaar cy luskzvbmhm ze vbh hnfp fpnh hf mvxn-esylytfqbb^^25^^ uun rxab cy plffmphboh-- cmjlfbnnye, necf tbv hmem ueazzvvbz, humq iyktym yacfsw mieebrfl. 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Zbrkialqh vg tbfv fw qfbvy ktqf dhihk twzs oelp imyz, phye epr gtym ktig pr ciepmzbbna gmzgg hf oj fw vaircjavzsgt, vp pqfcpnces ifdxcnj an biksychmf, kx dytxies huljqtisl avfyqaomiiee, qa kaofv az cokt^^29^^-- vp tqqwgg jrdb bt ns qv mzr, wg a grzvrf hf mgqixwgg, bzpqau tlf fr cf^^30^^.</blockquote>] [[continue->thesis5]](font: "Courier New")[<blockquote>Mvbhael bqg qwltceobvcg im ktm bbx bykimrb eavpdqaha ahu yims, piny ipvqa Kciwebcw tubqa rgiewzmt poke. Nyq lvgmihtfqbb bs nyua: n atzy tavgobnm dmvl dttbj mvq, ietcdmbrzr, ihkqvqg mo xvomvjx ahu fzvqd^^31^^, wbzxm n ztbsiuvgv aam fztl cge wfdzrqm pukt, iar bs u dmbgsk oz gqzfsoelrzkr ogd qzxtccpel ktia cy coezqau hr mkdigszy^^32^^. Qyutr hae qrk qf kbnxzzo nbw lies, cyhbmukqtl kbtbzz i youylzzbu hae qrk qf ahry fd trgl //cfvmz//^^33^^ vb lpckq ws oel cke bjwltm rzl giknm rzl fdbruce^^34^^. Er qtn ffas nh mhy lem bt eavpdqaha flfy i qwyfyiqvg oggfv, fprb-- mhy jqts wl nik ew zivh u gghmzx am zf qf o vhucxmaux^^35^^, ahu emyt-xxuduvnhboh ze xbglivcq nbf tnsfzm jwelces bb dnt ce fpr //syfiif//, zrutrxcqaf cy tucqvg ck cfvhmebxsm fd iam htbvd nnqmol sqgbbw tcdq iar //polb//^^36^^. Fpvg ieljbmphbvy tmtyg mo gzzl gvx "sniudvbz" ahu "adrfvogzzo" zsgtcfzmq pr Ncvfhfqae qyqv qwlcojeqau mhy //Lnmeaxnmtt//^^37^^-- was fumk mtjors vv adrfvogzzo, nzpasj ebewoihx, mtjors nvmzvbz dinz iar kewiqigwgg^^38^^. U cunr kbtbfgb youylzzbug, mhye, ua n "zxsm-ktia zbfy"^^39^^. Cmjlfbnnye anjx um wdwz gmaaemvpm-- phs ktma, wl in ja jnr mo vvowzs hny? Zz kbblixvdqau mhy ygunb yold, qacsviucxg gvtt iw fpr pkace, mzr bht qv mtestds rbxectcbzzo youylzzbuwge mkmbhg? Bmuxuvr wy yil iqyz mhy ntwezl oz xdml attnvd, bus mahxxm bt ulifp drglefj, fpr ggalce ws bxulfza^^40^^-- gc las eabuwgg iw fpr arsnvdqbil plfomfg hf nyactvm, oz vywgwhn, iw rmrzbna. Ze vbh luwy mv bfzah tauczbcukql nbw wcepqau xnilsp gc ue wfzavrxryu m tnprrcefp vb btmvxn? Gvx mcep kbbmacee tnprrcefpf, pnt nyq uvbw //im// r xiomkihkt if kxlf^^41^^. Ktcf okgove Rnbnah, rzl V okgov fpvg ts qvxt. Oim wbrf, busg, dive buom luskzvbmh bzpm? Jvtt mvozrhl alv uucfbsieql vb mhy tqvgsk oz fgz oftihj?</blockquote>] [[continue->thesis6]](set: $switch6 to "yes")<div align=center>Ipnh bs nyq **zvuat-brzl eiee** zfd tvtx? [[back->bookcase1]]</div><img src="http://i.imgur.com/wM6tlVu.jpg"> [[back->organize papers]] Congratulations on completing ''LABYRINTH''! I hope you found it very difficult but ultimately worth the effort. **citations/credits/etc**: * the epigraph is the second half of Aphorism 146 from //Beyond Good and Evil// by Friedrich Nietzsche. * the quotations from //Gray's Anatomy// are in fact from //Gray's Anatomy//, by Henry Gray, FRS. * all images used are either public domain images via (link: "Wikimedia Commons")[(gotoURL: "http://commons.wikimedia.org")] or are taken from my family's old photo albums, yearbooks, etc. * all sound effects are from (link: "freeSFX.co.uk")[(gotoURL: "http://freeSFX.co.uk")]. * encoding done using the tools at (link: "rumkin.com")[(gotoURL: "http://www.rumkin.com/tools/cipher/")] * in the spirit of full disclosure I do need to point out that this game was (rather obviously) influenced in no small part by //(color:"blue")[House] of Leaves// by Mark Z. Danielewski. If you liked this game, please tell your friends-- and neighbors, family, acquaintances, enemies, mail carriers, etc. My other games can be found (link:"here")[(gotoURL:"http://philome.la/fcukign")]. play again? [[y->begin]]/(link: "n")[(gotoURL:"http://www.twitter.com")]/(link: "q")[(gotoURL:"http://www.google.com")] `{`fin`}` You head down the flight of stairs. You hear something click behind you. You don't look, but you'd guess that there's no way back into the main room anymore, because that seems like what would be true. At the foot of the stairs is a door. It's locked. (if: $key1 is "yes")[ [[use the key]]](else:)[ [[back->turned around]]]You are in a bedroom. Like the other bedroom(if: (history:) contains "bedroom2")[s], there is a [[bed->bed3]], a [[desk->desk3]], and a [[dresser->dresser3]]. There's also a door to your [[left->bedroom3leftdoor]]. The air in here is really stale. [[back->foyer]] [[inventory]]<audio src="http://googledrive.com/host/0BzjfNbMTqHH1ck94TFpGMUVOQW8/hiss_beast_screech.mp3" autoplay></audio> <div align=center>[[run->nothing]]</div> You walk until you're fairly certain there's nothing interesting here. You head(if: $switch7 is not "yes")[ [[back->turned around]]](else:)[ [[back->basement3]]]. You think you hear something, but it's probably just you.You must have gotten turned around at some point. [[left->lost2]] [[right->lost2]] [[forward->lost2]] [[back->lost2]]You sit down on the bed. It's even more uncomfortable than the first one was. Also, this bedspread is hideous. [[look under the bed->underbed2]] [[back->bedroom3]]On the desk is a framed picture of a beautiful coastline. There's also a white quill pen, but you don't see any ink or anything. There is a little block of gold sealing wax though. Who even writes letters any more? [[back->bedroom3]]This dresser is tall and narrow, very tall-- six drawers! You open the drawers one by one but all that's inside is heaps of shredded paper. You can't make any of what they say out. (if:$key2 is not "yes")[(if: $switch5 is "yes")[(set: $key2 to "yes")You do notice a bright blue key lying on the ground, though. Awesome. You take it (of course).]] [[back->bedroom3]]Inside the cabinet you find a lot of pictures. //A lot//. (if: $photo is "yes")[They seem to all be of the same woman as in the photo you picked up. You decide to leave that photo here.(set: $photo to "no")](else:)[Creepy.] [[back->bedroom2]](if: (history:) contains "open the box")[You open the door[[...->labyrinth]]](else:)[This door is locked. [[back->bedroom3]]]<audio src="http://googledrive.com/host/0BzjfNbMTqHH1ck94TFpGMUVOQW8/toy_radio_static.mp3" autoplay></audio> <div align="center"><h2> [[ẘ̨̛̟̺̥̼̫̗̩͚̗̭͙̣̯͉̺̥̔ͫ̽̽̌̑̔̀̽͑͆̎̌̏̑ͤ͂ͨ͝ͅe̾̂̽ͣ̈̂ͪ́͌͋ͬ̈҉͓͔͓̩̟̝̰̮͘l̡̡̡͔̼͎̭͓̤̻͉̜̺͈̫̻̰ͥ̂̇̌̎̒͐̃ͭ͆̏ͯ̔̂ͫͮ̇ͪ͢͡c̨̩͇̩̩̮͙̠̖̞͇̠͍̖̲ͪͬͫͨͭ̈̂̿̀̀̚͞ơ̯̟̤͔̤͚̣̼͈̣̬̲̘̺͈̘̋̌͗ͮ̈ͧͣ̄͆̅ͯ̀̈́̑̓̇́̚ͅm̸̡͎̬͎̹̟̫̳͙̝̹̼̻̳͈ͯ̔̓̔̾̄ͨͫ͆͞ͅě̡̑͂̃͠҉̙̬̩̤͓͇͈͕̀ ̡̐̈́͊ͫ͗͊̍͏̺̗̖̪ḩ̧͙̬̭̭̖̺̘ͯ͑ͣͨ͞o̵̎̿͆̔̉̈́̽̀̚͝͏̻̗̝̬̲̠̱̗̺̙ͅm̵̩͚̮̱͙͖̳͔̺̺̙̪̦̪͓̥̟͕̆̑͋̐ͤͥ̓͂̚͜͞e̢͙͍̗̦̰̩͉̪̪͈̺̮̗̍̊͂̓̃̅͆͆̆ͨ̉̂ͧ̓́͡͝->begin]] </h2></div> <div align=center> <h6>//you're all turned around and you can hear it you [[hear->noise]]//</h6></div><div align=center> //you hear [[**it**->a noise...]]//</div><div align="center"> <h4>//you're lost you're so [[l o s t]]//</h4></div>[[You think you might be...->so lost]]You look under the bed. Someone really needs to get in here and clean up. There's so much dust everywhere. [[back->bedroom3]](set: $key1 to "no")You use the plain key you found on the roof to open the door. It swings open easily, like the hinges are well-oiled. Or you assume so. What do you even know about hinges? You're in a hallway. [[walk]]You walk down the hallway. [[remember hurting]](if: $key2 is not "yes")[You don't have a key. You came all this way and you don't have a key. [[try to go back->turned around]]](else:)[(set: $key2 to "no")You use the bright blue key to unlock the door. You [[open the door]].]You open the door. The sunlight is warm and you can smell the ocean. You step out into the field. [[`{`fin`}`->fin]]Through the window you can see a field of-- wheat? something golden-ish anyway. It's very bright outside. You think you can almost smell the ocean. The door is locked. [[unlock the door]](if: (count: (history:), "remember hurting") <= 1)[ <div align="center">[[no->walk]]</div>](else:)[You remember hurting someone who deserved it. You remember hurting someone who didn't. More than either of those, you just remember hurting. Maybe it was your blood [[after all]].]You remember hurting and you want to fall into it. You think about staying here forever. It's easy to get lost. [[continue]]You keep walking. You think about how long you've been walking. It's been a long time. [[give up]]No. [[why not]]You keep walking because that's all there is to do. You have to keep walking because there has to be a way out. [[why]]you keep walking because you have to because there has to be a way out because you aren't done yet because you have to //[[keep going]]//See? You knew there was a way out. There's a door in front of you and it's big and wooden like shipwrecks and beautiful. There's a window set into the wall beside it. [[look out the window]] You keep going, because you have to. You're near the end of the hallway now. There's a flight of stairs leading up-- you haven't needed the flashlight to see for a little bit now, there's this dim light growing brighter and brighter. [[walk up the stairs]]You walk up the stairs to a landing, bathed in sunlight. You look up-- there's a skylight and the whole day is pouring in. [[there's a door]]